3x All-girl bands you should know

We can always use some girl power in our lives. These girls will rock your world, literally.

Retromantisch girl gang Haim band female

1. Haim

It’s nearly impossible you haven’t heard about these indie rock chicks. Sisters Este, Danielle and Alana became really succesful after launching their Forever EP in 2012. When the girls were younger they formed a band with their parents (who are also really into music), so it’s safe to say music is in their blood. Good to know: the sisters don’t like to be labeled as a ‘girl band’, since they want to be valued as musicians for their skills, not gender. And that actually makes them even cooler.

Haim – Forever

2. Katzenjammer

The term “katzenjammer” is used in Norway to describe low-grade music. At their music school Anne Marit, Solveig, Turid and Marianne all had a feeling of being the outcasts, which ended up in working together. Three albums later these multi-instrumental girls from Norway are currently on a break and we couldn’t miss them more! Their folk-pop songs burst of energy and musicality. Did you spot their cat-faced contrabass balalaika yet?

Katzenjammer – Rock Paper Scissors

3. Au Revoir Simone

The last all-female band from this list. Or should we say all-keyboard band? Erika, Annie en Heather met on a train to New York and started creating dreamy synth-pop. Doesn’t that sound romantic? They have been off the grid for a while, but lately their was some activity on their YouTube channel with a music video for ‘Lark’ and their appearance in Twin Peaks. Keep it coming, please!

Au Revoir Simone – A Violent Yet Flammable World

What is your favoriete girl band?

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