DIY: Baby Spice ketting

For a dress up party I reaaally wanted to finish my Baby Spice look with her classic ‘BABY’ necklace. Problem: it was impossible to find one… So, I made one myself! 


Gold chain | Lobster clasp | Brass rhinestones (I reused mine from an old necklace) | Instant glue | Pincers

Step 1: The shape

I started with arranging the shape of the letters with the rhinestones and checking how they would connect.

Step 2: Glue, glue glue

Then, I simply started gluing them together. It took a LOT of glue to make them stick. 😉

Step 3: Connect the chain and decide on the length

Some of my rhinestones already had hooks attached to the corners, so I used those to connect the chain to. To decide on the length I ‘tried on’ the necklace and removed the parts that I didn’t want to use.

Step 4: Attach the lobster clasp, done!

Last but not least I connected the lobster clasp using pincers. Yay, my outfit was complete! Now I want one with my name. 😉


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