DIY: dip-dyed Christmas ornaments

Sinterklaas has left The Netherlands last Wednesday, so the Christmas tree can be brought out again! This year I decorated mine with these cute Christmas balls in pink, gold and copper tones, which I gave a cute accent with paint.

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– Paint (I used wall paint)
– Christmas balls and hangers
– A rack to dry them (I used my laundry rack)
– Paper to protect the floor
– Optionally a bowl for the paint

Retromantisch retro romantic blog DIY christmas ball paint kerstballen verven how to

Step 1

Select your ornaments and pick the colour for the paint. I decided to go for a pink shade (that I also used for a living room wall and a vintage cabinet once), that beautifuylly matched the warm colours of the Christmas baubles. I bought the Christmas balls at a thrift shop. That made me a little less nervous about messing some of them up! Because I chose one colour of paint, I decided to use different styles of ornaments: with and without glitter, with and without a pattern and in different colours and sizes.

Retromantisch retro romantic blog DIY christmas ball paint kerstballen how to verven

Step 2

Dip the Christmas ball in the paint. Hold it still, so it doesn’t ‘float’ and moves while painting it. I dip-dyed them halfway, but I think that dipping them up to 1/3 would be really lovely as well.

Retromantisch retro romantic blog DIY christmas ball how to paint kerstballen verven

Step 3

Dry the baubles by hanging them on a rack. Don’t forget to cover the floor! As you can see in the first picture some of the Christmas balls have a dried drip of paint hanging below it. I don’t mind this, but if you’d rather see them dry evenly you can prevent this by turning the ball while drying and optionally using a hair dryer to speed up the process.

I think the result is pretty cute! I went for matching colours and several styles of ornaments, but I think colour-blocking would also look totally cool. Enough space for creativity!


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