DIY: Upcycling my vintage record case

I got this vintage record box for only ONE euro at a second hand store. It still surprises me, but truth be told: the case was pretty worn out. As I still had some wallpaper laying around I decided to recoat it!

Recoating the case

I started by peeling off the old plastic/fabric(?) coating. For the front and back of the box this was easy, as this layer was already hanging loose. For the sides however, this was quite an issue. It seemed like they used some kind of superglue. Bye nails.

After that, I covered the black handle with some tape and spraypainted the hardware gold. Then, I started covering the wooden case with the wallpaper that was left from the wall of my ‘walk-in’ closet. I used an ‘expert’ mix of random DIY-glues haha. It worked out fine!

Hello pretty new lp box!

The whole project took me about 8 hours. The delayering part taking up about 75% of the time. 😉 I adore the result!


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  1. Sunday April 19th, 2020 / 09:59 AM

    Oh, wow, die is echt heel knap geworden! 😀

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