DIY: Sweater sequin skate embroidery

Retromantisch DIY romantic fashion blog sequins pailletten lovertjes schaats skate embroidery retro borduren

Did you ever spot the ideal jumper/dress/coat at the kids department? With the frustrating conclusion that you’ll never be able to actually wear the item… That’s what I had with a H&M sweater with sequin embroidery in the shape of skates. Already in 2015 I saw that cute thing calling my name from the kids department. With its shiny sequins. And that sweet pink colour.

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^ Mijn Kerst wishlist uit 2015

Sequin fun and embroidery hours

I couln’t settle with the idea of it not being available in a grown-ups-size. When I checked the website yet again to see if they didn’t accidentally also offer it ‘in a bigger size’, I thought I should take matters into my own hands. I looked for a picture of the print and traced the pattern in Photoshop. Small problem: embroidering this amount of sequines (800 per skate) would take a lot of time. That’s why I didn’t start this project for 3 years. This winter I finally decided to just go for it. And after hours and hours of embroidering it is finally done!

Want to make it yourself? Check the info below!

Retromantisch DIY romantic fashion blog sequins pailletten lovertjes schaats skate embroidery borduren retro beret


– Pattern (download here)
– Needle (thin enough to fit through the sequins)
– Nylonthread (thin enough to fit through the sequins)
– Sequins 6mm (black, silver, gold, white)
– Sweater
– Optionally embroidery interfacing

Step 1: Prepare the pattern

Download the patroon. Print it true to scale (the sequins on the print should match the 6mm). Cut it and prick the dots with the needle. If you like you can also trace the pattern on embroidery interfacing. I chose to simply embroider on top of the paper (#lazy + the sequins are not allowed to get wet anyway because of discolouration).

Step 2: Decide on the location of the skates

Choose where you want the skates to be. Tip: put on the sweater and pin the pattern on the spot you like using some needles or pins.

Step 3: Embroider the sequins

Start embroidering and attach every sequin with about three stitches. I started with the black sequins and worked my way up and down from there. Ensure you tighten the thread securely at the inside of the sweater.

Did you ever want an item from the kids department?


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    Wauw! Zo creatief!

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