‘Walk-in’ closet DIYs

From studyroom to clothing corner. Together with my boyfriend I transformed this room into a ‘walk-in’ closet, complete with a selfmade dressing table!

Dressing table made of an old desk

This wooden table has been in my possession for almost 10 years. Now that we have a huge dining table – on which I can easily do my crafts – I hardly ever use it. Actually, it took up quite some space in the little room, so it was in the way. This is when I got the idea to change it into a dressing table. When I went on a weekend trip with my friends, my boyfriend was so kind to realise this project.

Some pink paint

The exfoliated white chalk paint didn’t look good, so it was about time for a new coat of (obviously pink) paint. My mirror already was pink, but had another shade. So this one also got a new layer!

From silver to gold

It’s not the first time that I change silver items to gold. This lamp was up for a transformation too. The wallpaper on the wall is new and matches the pink paint beautifully (not entirely accidentally).

The result

I’m so happy with how the room turned out! The elements match eachother nicely and the room finally has a clear destination. Also, I now have a delightful amount of space for my earring rack, perfumes, vintage jewellery box, powder compact, …, …! Now all that’s left is to decide which things to display. 😉



  1. Thursday March 26th, 2020 / 04:58 PM

    Wat leuk die muur met die gitaren! Wow!

    • ROWAN
      Tuesday March 31st, 2020 / 09:09 PM

      Hi Troy, ook met dat gedeelte van de kamer ben ik blij. 🙂 Bedankt voor het compliment!

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