Outfit: Vintage jumpsuit meets bird mural

Yay, I finally found it! I saw this bird mural about 2 years ago, but could never relocate it afterwards. My mural-hunts resulted in nothing (know those where-are-my-sunnies-oh-on-my-hand-stories?) and Google didn’t make me any wiser either. And then on a sunny day I cycled past it by accident: gotcha!

Vintage jumpsuit

So when I wore my colourful vintage jumpsuit I now knew exactly where to go! Its floral print in burgundy, pink and ochre matches the cheerful mural beautifully. In case you want to spot it too: visit the Blasiusstraat in Amsterdam!

What I wore

Woven derby shoes – D. Lepori | Jumpsuit – vintage | Belt – H&M | Sunglasses – unknown

Retro woven derby shoes

Look at these beauties! The woven design is so gorgeous and the shiny brown colour is amazing. They are from D. Lepori, a family-run shoe factory in Italy. They are really comfortable, so I hope I can enjoy them for many years!


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