Marshall Stanmore speaker

Retromantisch interior interieur Marshall speaker Stanmore cream white gold retro vintage

When I had to say goodbye to my (OK… my ex his) eighties KEF Cantor III speaker set I did not have anything to connect my record player to anymore. A sad time, since all of a sudden I had to listen music using my old radio-cell phone combination and Spotify. Sometimes I was already standing with a great record in my hands to – yet again – come to the conclusion I still did not have a speaker. My record collection was desperately longing for the needle of my turntable… I missed the warmth of analogue music as well. So a few days before my birthday I made a radical decision: I will buy myself a new speaker set. I can’t throw a party without some great background music, right?

Of course, it had to be a vintage inspired design. My turntable and records moved to my pink cabinet. I thought it would look really nice if I’d place my present-to-self on a shelf above it. That meant it could not be too big. Also, it naturally had to produce sound of great quality. Not my specialty, but that’s what review websites were made for! My only other demand? A RCA-input. Because I particularly wanted the speaker for my record player I didn’t feel like working with converter cables.

Marshall, Marshall or Marshall?

I have to admit: I did not search for long. When I came across the speakers by Marshall I was hooked and kind of didn’t want to look for other options anymore. The smaller Marshall designs Kilburn and Acton weren’t an option (no RCA-input). The day was saved by the Stanmore version! The damage? For almost €300,- this beauty would be mine. Slightly panicked (‘am I really gonna pay this amount of money for a speaker?’) I searched the web for cheaper, similar looking designs. The only other contender was the wireless Harper speaker by Crosley, that looked really similar. Unfortunately this design did not have a RCA-input and I read some negative reviews. And maybe I secretly made up my mind already…

Retromantisch interior interieur Marshall speaker Stanmore cream white gold vintage retro

Coiled cables and golden details

What I like the most about the speaker is that I can continuously keep it connected to my record player (yay for the RCA-input). With a curled cable (which makes me think of the cable of a rotary dial phone) I can connect my cell phone or mp3-player as well. Also, there is a bluetooth possibility. Using this I can play songs and change the volume from my bed or couch.

But I prefer using the buttons on the speaker itself. There is an analogue knob for volume, bass and treble. With a smaller button you can select the source (bluetooth, optical, line-in or RCA). My favourite one is the on/off switch. It’s all in the (golden) details.

Retromantisch interior interieur Marshall speaker Stanmore cream white gold vintage retro coil cable

In short: I’m really content! The retro rock ‘n roll look matches my record player and interior in a really nice way. I really like the cream colour, probably because it looks a little bit more calm in my interior than the black or brown option. The sound is great (if I can trust the reviews the best in its price category) ánd can be really loud (I haven’t dared to turn up the volume over 1/3 yet). And the most important thing: I can play records again!


  1. Friday February 10th, 2017 / 11:03 PM

    Wat een gave speaker!

  2. Saturday February 11th, 2017 / 11:26 PM

    Wat fijn dat je hem toch hebt gekocht. Zo te horen heb je er veel plezier van.

  3. Sunday February 12th, 2017 / 01:37 PM

    Geweldige luidspreker! Ik kocht enkele maanden terug de headset van Marshall en ben zeer tevreden over zowel het geluid als het gebruiksgemak. En de speakers zien er stoer en klassevol uit 😀

  4. Monday May 29th, 2017 / 07:36 AM

    Gaaf! Ik wil eerst even zeggen wat een onwijs mooie foto’s je maakt, helemaal passend bij je naam: retromantisch. Erg leuk! Ik wilde ook heel graag een box van dit merk kopen, ze zijn zo leuk <3
    Liefs Florentine

  5. Rey
    Thursday May 9th, 2019 / 08:36 PM

    Hoi! Waar is je platenspeler van?

  6. Nikki
    Wednesday September 30th, 2020 / 07:06 PM

    Hi, where did you get your record player from?

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